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Plumbing rough-in/ retrofit


Rough-in is the stage of a construction project when the various mechanical, electrical, and plumbing lines are brought in. … During this phase of construction, ductwork, plumbing, and wiring are installed to ensure space constraints or accessibility issues are sorted out.

Plumbing service


Plumbing services ensure that water comes in and out of your house properly. Although plumbing is widely associated with water related services but that is not all that it pertains to- plumbing includes installation and maintenance of heating systems, water boilers, furnaces, washing machines and much more

Backflow preventer


The importance for property owners to ensure their plumbing is fitted with a backflow prevention device can’t be overstated. Also, It only takes one property to contaminate the entire water supply of all other properties connected to it. Also, Make sure your property is properly protected from the significant liabilities that could be faced from not having a backflow device installed by getting a professional plumber do the job .
Cross-connections cause backflow. These are sites where non-potable liquids, gases, or solids might come into contact with a water supply. Backflow may be caused by a variety of cross-connections, including garden hoses, which are the most prevalent source of backflow. Cross-connections can cause backflow. Non-potable liquids, gases, or solids may come into contact with a water supply in these regions. Garden hoses, which are the most common source of backflow, are just one example of these cross-connections.

Back water valve


The backwater valve installation should be done underneath the floor of your basement, close to where the main sanitary sewer in your home. What happens when raw sewage starts to gurgle or bubble up through the floor drains in your basement? Have you ever considered what you should be doing to protect your property from these hazards of flood? As a homeowner, you probably take great pride in the maintenance to keep your home safe from uncertain consequences. However, most of the homeowners don’t consider repairing their plumbing system until the flood or wastewater comes back up the floor and as a result it causes damage to the home. It not only ruins your home but it can cause major health problems too. Fortunately, you can help prevent this issue by installing a backwater valve. backwater valve installation is an extra component that is giving you the peace of mind in knowing that your home is protected and water damage repair is done. Wastewater treatment is a must.

Drain clearing


While attempting to clear a clogged drain with a plunger is a good first step for any homeowner to attempt, if plunging fails, it’s time to call for professional drain cleaning service.

Camera Inspection


A sewer line inspection camera is basically a long, robotic snake with a tiny camera at the end. … Because of the camera’s ability to bend and twist around the curves of your pipes, plumbers are able to locate and diagnose problems that they could have only guessed at without the camera.

Domestic hot water recirculation


Do you wait to get hot water from the tap or when you are running the shower . If you are, you are not alone. Thousand of household faces similar issues. It cost homeowners thousands of dollars over the years and hundreds of litre of water down the drain.

There is a cost effective way to resolve this. The solution is to install a recirc booster  pump on your hot line . If you are remodeling or doing a full Reno, now is the good time to add a return line on your hot lines that ties into a recirc pump. If you aren’t planning on any remodelling, there still is a solution, many circulating brands offer various pumps for various application. In a long run, you save time and money!!

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